I"m so glad you are here.

A bit about me and the creativity that lives inside us all - Yup inside you too. . . .!

Art brings me life. For decades I put my creative urges on the back burner, in deference to the practicalities of single parenting and earning a living. But I've since discovered that saying no to creative flow is like saying no to life force itself. Now, in my sixties after a serious cancer diagnosis, I paint and write poetry, delighting in the colors, textures and intuition that shape my painting. Themes of letting go, trusting in the unknown, following joy and the exquisite heartache of being human emerge.

Ironically, coming face to face with death has woken me up to life.

When I paint and write, I am guided by intuition and the whispers of spirit. There is such freedom in letting go of pre-conceptions, resting my mind and just allowing the process to unfold. When I hold too tightly to desired outcomes, I find myself struggling. The freshness has evaporated. It’s a metaphor for how I’m choosing to live now - dancing in the unknown.

It feels like an immense privilege to allow this river of creativity to move through me and perhaps touch another’s heart.  For me, it is an expression of love.


In addition to painting and writing, I offer energy healing services, worthiness coaching (because self-love is the foundation of a happy, healthy life!) and feng shui design.

Everything I do is designed to help you go from stressed to blessed so you can let go of anxiety and struggle and experience more joy, ease and love.

Check out my other offerings here www.marlenez.com


A few reactions to pairings of poems and paintings:

"The energetics that you capture (from life's multiple dimensions) are so beautiful"  CC

"Another gorgeous marriage of words and imagery" BS

"Fabulous bursts of light. Loving it!" HY

"So much light and beauty in this painting. And your words!!" MAB

"Heals my heart. So beautiful!" PA

"your soul art is beyond beautiful Marlene" BW

"I got to visit the opening reception of my dear friend, coach, healer, guide, artist and poet Marlene Zaleznick who’s helped me countless times with moving energy I didn’t even know I was holding! 

Her paintings are the essence of the divine feminine, gently and playfully washing away stress and allowing you to simply be." AG

A Bit of Poetry

Here is an excerpt from a poem that depicts my relationship to art.

The answer


seems to be


Surrender to the 


of allowing,

the haven

of trusting,

the sky

of not knowing.

It is there

that the “making”

of art


a simple



from the anchors 

of thought


It is not my job to 

deem my art

“good” or “bad”


I can allow 

what is 

to rise and fall

in it’s own

mysterious rhythm


reflecting the light

like the power

of the moon

to move



2019 from Relaxing into the Feminine Power of Allowing - MarleneZ

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